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Chew on You

Episode 97 It’s a little personal again folks. I seem to have this penchant lately to drop all my dirty laundry on all of you! Sorry not sorry lol. I dive deep into a quote of mine, “The feminine will naturally come through when you focus on you.” Yep, that is what I spend my … Continue reading Chew on You

Chew On Brain Processing

Episode 58 I delve into the science behind processing in this episode. I have always loved the idea of science and making it work in the real world. I hope this episode brings some behavioral issues to light and allows you to see things a little different.  

Story of the Shift: DeAnne Joy

Episode 50 DeAnne said one of the best lines I know during her podcast regarding all those crisis moments; this is happening FOR me, not TO me. Love, love, love that! Her desire to explore outside of the box that she had lived in and learned in, is inspiring. So many one liners, you could … Continue reading Story of the Shift: DeAnne Joy

Chew On Religion vs Spirituality

Episode 20 Today I grab onto the inherent masculine in religion and the inherent feminine in spirituality. I have made my own journey through one to the other and invite you to listen to my journey into my own version of spiritual worship.

Story of the Shift: Megan Hale

Episode 8 Today I get the absolute pleasure of bringing you Megan Hale. Megan is the founder of Wild & Holy, a spiritual community of coaches, therapists, helpers, and healers who value expansion, growth, vulnerability, and bravery. She leads retreats and group programs for women and facilitates 1:1 coaching for both individuals and couples who … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Megan Hale