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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Lorna Hollinger

Episode 131 EFT. I have taken the course, learned about it and for some reason, it never seemed to have the same impact as it did listening to Lorna explain all about it. Emotional Freedom Technique may seem small except it’s not. Listen in as Lorna talks about rewiring past traumas as well as dealing … Continue reading Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Lorna Hollinger

Story of the Shift: Dr. Susan Clinton

Episode 127 I welcome into the room today, Dr. Susan Clinton. Susan is an Orthopedic and Women’s Health Physical Therapist. Her journey is a pathway into accepting her own internal control over herself and her life. A true journey of the self. One we can all relate to. Susan currently practices in Sewickley, Pennsylvania and … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Dr. Susan Clinton

Story of the Shift: Sharon Holand Gelfand

Episode 125 I have in the room with me Sharon Holand Gelfand. I connected so very deeply with her story of discovery and lessons learned. It is amazing to me what we can gain in our lives when our children open the door for us to advocate for them. Her willingness to “buck the system” … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sharon Holand Gelfand

Story of the Shift: Dr. Amruta Inamdar

Episode 123 I have wondered after interviewing Amruta, how many women suffer silently with pelvic floor pain. Dr. Amruta Inamdar is a pelvic floor specialist who lived the pain and went looking for the answers. I love women who go looking, they hold a special place in my heart. We need more of us to … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Dr. Amruta Inamdar

Story of the Shift: Dr. Judy Butler

Episode 112 Oh my goodness! The actual goodness from this interview with Dr. Judy Butler is incredible. She offers up an End of Life Manuel for adult children of aging parents. I know it is something I think about and worry about myself. I hope to be as prepared as Judy can make me! She is … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Dr. Judy Butler

Story of the Shift: Joyce Blue

Episode 111 This week I have the lovely and talented Joyce Blue in the room with me. Joyce’s journey from learning and forgetting and learning again. Managing money in a masculine world and living on the roller coaster gave her a unique view of women and how we deal with, flow with and be with; … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Joyce Blue

Story of the Shift: Sheri Sutherland

Episode 110 Welcome into another episode of Women are the Journey and this week’s tastiness with Sheri Sutherland. My favorite quote from her was; The more honest we can be with ourselves about ourselves, the better chance we have of truly transforming our life. She is all about helping women be honest with themselves, she … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sheri Sutherland

Story of the Shift: Elizabeth Purvis

Episode 109 I have been a part of Elizabeth Purvis’s world for a few years. She was a solid introduction of magic into my business. I loved her way of looking at the world and loved how she was so brave and willing to share all of herself. Fortunately for you, she is in the … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Elizabeth Purvis

Story of the Shift: Sabrina Chaw

Episode 108 I am thrilled to serve up for your listening pleasure, Sabrina Chaw. I went looking for her a while ago. Found her feminine mindset and work just up my alley. She, thankfully, was interested in joining me to be interviewed. We had a fab time, her wisdom shines through in everything she talks … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sabrina Chaw

Chew on Coming Out of the Closet

Episode 107 Ho boy you guys! I have a LOT to say today. I am coming clean on what I have been hiding from ya’ll. It is good and deep and oh so fun! Here is the link to the Patreon page! www.patreon.com/womenarethejourney 

Chew on Lessons Learned

Episode 105 Howdy everyone! I delve a bit more into the lessons learned from last week. I caught a post from Kate Northrup on IG and it got me thinking. You know what I do when I think, right? I talk about it LOL. I have included a picture of the prototype of the key … Continue reading Chew on Lessons Learned

Story of the Shift: Sonja Franzmann

Episode 104 I love this episode for the simple reason that Sonja Franzmann’s story illustrates how one small decision, one small choice can make the most profound impact on your life. Sonja had that exact thing happen to her. Simple yet profound. Sonja Franzmann is a certified lifestyle coach for corporate rebels and entrepreneurs who … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sonja Franzmann

Chew on New Horizons

Episode 103 Welp, I am at it again. Over sharing, over talking, just leaving a mess in my wake. Not really. There isn’t a mess at the end 😉 It is a journey to get there but I have a lot to share today and it is a bit longer than normal. There is talk … Continue reading Chew on New Horizons

Story of the Shift: Christine Watts

Episode 102 Welcome into this week’s Story of the Shift. I have the pleasure of welcoming in Christine Watts of The Institute of Compassionate Teaching. You will love her message as I believe, it gives us hope. She talks about giving children strength and abilities to take care of themselves with compassion and belonging. Christine … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Christine Watts

Chew on You

Episode 97 It’s a little personal again folks. I seem to have this penchant lately to drop all my dirty laundry on all of you! Sorry not sorry lol. I dive deep into a quote of mine, “The feminine will naturally come through when you focus on you.” Yep, that is what I spend my … Continue reading Chew on You

Story of the Shift: Robin Joy Meyers

Episode 92 In the room with me today is Robin Joy Meyers. She offers up a real story about finding voice. Her own and then learning to help other women and girls. Her message of no such thing as perfection and trusting yourself and your vision is fantastic. International speaker, fear strategist, author, and molecular … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Robin Joy Meyers

Top Tip Tuesday!

Episode 86 I am thrilled to welcome back into the room; Sydney Wong, Lisa Robbin Young and Jennifer Nielsen! They are in the room to share their top tips for you with my short commentary on what I see in their words. They are short, sweet and oh so useful! Enjoy. Business. Goddess Style is all … Continue reading Top Tip Tuesday!

Chew on Business Traits

Episode 83 I get real about what is considered a real business trait that is necessary to running your business. There are so many traits that the business rules say you need to have that for the feminine, really don’t make sense. Tap into your own unique business traits in Business. Goddess Style. Being you … Continue reading Chew on Business Traits

Chew On Jeans

Episode 71 In this episode of Chew on This, I talk about jeans. Who would have thought that jeans would have anything to do with business and how you run yours? I do! To get yourself into Business. Goddess Style, give me a call, 714-499-6486, shoot me an email, audrey@goddessatthegrindstone.com, drop by Goddesses Inner Circle … Continue reading Chew On Jeans

Chew On Verbal Processing

Episode 56 OMG! It is time to get this season going! This episode launches Women Are The Journey into Season 2!! So excited. Taking things in a new direction and stepping into tangible, actionable ways of BEing in your feminine. Looking at your life and your business from the feminine that you can use every … Continue reading Chew On Verbal Processing