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Chew On Struggle

Episode 69 I love finding new ways that the feminine tries to communicate with us. It is funny how it just continues to show up for me. Struggling is such a problem for so many of us. To keep trudging along a road that is not meant to be traversed, to continue down the rapids … Continue reading Chew On Struggle

Chew On Boxes

Episode 60 It is time to talk about being stuck in those boxes we are in and how to get out of them. Not much more to say except better listen!  

Story of the Shift: Krista Rizzo

Episode 52 Krista said one of my most favorite lines in today’s interview; the good happens with the bad. So true. She also talked about her shifts and how a man was the catalyst for her big shift. She has had some great friends talk to her about toning down her desire to save the … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Krista Rizzo