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Chew On Boxes

Episode 60 It is time to talk about being stuck in those boxes we are in and how to get out of them. Not much more to say except better listen!  

Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Episode 59 Welcome to another Story of the Shift. This week I am happy to bring you Lisa Robbin Young. She has so much energy and love of life that she will bring you up no matter where you are in your day. Her story is brilliant and open with self-awareness and a desire for … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Chew On Brain Processing

Episode 58 I delve into the science behind processing in this episode. I have always loved the idea of science and making it work in the real world. I hope this episode brings some behavioral issues to light and allows you to see things a little different.  

Story of the Shift: Anjara Land

Episode 57 Anjara Land is a mentor for women who had shut down their gifts, inner beauty and intelligence after a life of abuse and trauma. Through her business Applied Divinity, she assists psychics in the discovery and mastery of their gifts and talents so they can create a prolific career as psychics while rediscovering … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Anjara Land

Chew On Verbal Processing

Episode 56 OMG! It is time to get this season going! This episode launches Women Are The Journey into Season 2!! So excited. Taking things in a new direction and stepping into tangible, actionable ways of BEing in your feminine. Looking at your life and your business from the feminine that you can use every … Continue reading Chew On Verbal Processing

Chew On Wrapping Up Season 1!

Episode 55 Can that be right? 55 episodes?! Wow. I give my 2 cents worth on what has happened this season as well as a bit of a preview for what to look forward to in season 2 beginning in January 2019. I find it hard to believe I have completed a year of this … Continue reading Chew On Wrapping Up Season 1!

Story of the Shift: Becky Mollenkamp

Episode 54 Today I welcome in Becky Mollenkamp. Becky is the creator of the Own it, Crush it movement. With nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner, she helps women navigate the mindset and tactical struggles of self-employment. Through her courses, exclusive membership community, and group program, Becky has mentored hundreds of women … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Becky Mollenkamp

Story of the Shift: Kari Ottaviano

Episode 53 Had an immediate connection with Kari, her and I share a similar history, the hospitality industry. We both worked our way up into management and more. She dove much farther than I did and her experience is amazing. Succeeding in such a male dominated industry is not easy, but she did it. She … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Kari Ottaviano

Chew On Feelings

Episode 51 Feelings, whoa whoa whoa feelings, sad that I was hearing this song in my head when I was recording this podcast. Moving on, I do a lot of talking about emotions, feelings and the processing of them moving from the masculine to the feminine in the way we think. I would love to … Continue reading Chew On Feelings

Story of the Shift: DeAnne Joy

Episode 50 DeAnne said one of the best lines I know during her podcast regarding all those crisis moments; this is happening FOR me, not TO me. Love, love, love that! Her desire to explore outside of the box that she had lived in and learned in, is inspiring. So many one liners, you could … Continue reading Story of the Shift: DeAnne Joy

Chew On Masculine Bias

Episode 49 Masculine bias has been the discussion this week in Goddesses Inner Circle. I have some things to say about it regarding religion, school, business and politics. I would love to hear what you have to say about it.  

Story of the Shift: Susan Kennedy

Episode 48 More. That is the theme of Susan Kennedy’s interview today. She has a long journey that continues to focus on her need for more. As a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, Susan Kennedy can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose. Susan inspires and empowers … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Susan Kennedy

Chew On Shutting Down The Feminine

Episode 47 I talk about shutting down the feminine and how it relates to crisis moments and life in general. Tune in and let me know what you think…    

Story of the Shift: Anita Kaiser

Episode 46 I have Anita Kaiser in the room this week! Baby yoga, child yoga, living in an RV that is traveling all over, bullying, shifting and feeling alive. And those are just a few things! Anita uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to life coach, heal and spiritually guide those who seek her assistance.  Her commitment … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Anita Kaiser

Chew On Insecurities and Self Doubt

Episode 45 And here we go, I dig into what keeps us down. How we hold ourselves down and keep ourselves from being secure and confident. Come listen in and let me know  how you are holding yourself back! Schedule a call with me here to talk about shifting those things I talked about today.

Chew On The Dark Night of the Soul

Episode 43 And I am BACK! From a dark night of the soul. Join me while I discuss my hiatus and what came out of that dark night…

Chew On Cognitive Dissonance

Episode 36 Oh my did I get a lot of material for my podcast this weekend. I went to a seminar and got more than I bargained for. The presenter offered up some choice tidbits on how women should behave and they really did NOT match my thinking about that topic. I talk about her … Continue reading Chew On Cognitive Dissonance

Chew On The Long Game

Episode 34 Ran into and old friend and he wanted to know what was new. Told him all about the podcast and it brought up some interesting insights about what I want long term. Want to know what the long game is around here? Listen in.

Chew On Reading That Map…With Intentions

Episode 32 What can I say about this week’s episode? That I had a huge aha during it? That happened. That I came up with a pretty brilliant idea (if I do say so myself). That happened too. That I bared a bit of my soul regarding my own map reading skills. That too. The … Continue reading Chew On Reading That Map…With Intentions

Chew On Plan or Map

Episode 30 Well, turns out fourth time was a charm for this episode. I have an idea that a plan is not the best idea for women, that maybe maps are. Give me a listen and see what you think.