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Top Tip Tuesday with Audrey Acton

Episode 78 Welcome to a new segment here at Women Are the Journey! I have been thinking for a while now; how can I use all the brilliance that has come through the room with me? Well, here is one way I have come up with! Top Tip Tuesday is going to feature 3 WAtJ … Continue reading Top Tip Tuesday with Audrey Acton

Chew On What’s in a Name?

Episode 77 Today marks a turning point for me and my business. I have made a life changing decision and you guys are in the front of the line to get to hear it! Congrats! Just kidding. But, you are here for a new start, a new way of being in my business. Tune in … Continue reading Chew On What’s in a Name?

My Turn!

Welcome to a new segment here at Women Are the Journey. My Turn are going to be posted podcasts where I get interviewed! This is my first episode and I was interviewed by Aubry Hoffman on her podcast Queen of Intuition. We have a wonderful conversation about finding flow, new paradigms and creating balance.   … Continue reading My Turn!

Story of the Shift: Jessica Elizabeth Opert

Episode 76 Welcome into the room, certified Love and Relationship Coach; Jessica Elizabeth Opert. Jessica talks about her story, the fact that she was failing at love and how she shifted her life away from failed relationships to the love of her life. She talks about fights and how we need them, being in solidarity … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Jessica Elizabeth Opert

Chew On Chores

Episode 75 Woo hoo! We’re talkin’ chores today boys and girls! There actually is a reason to talk about chores, not just to bitch about ’em. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! To chat it up with me about Business. Goddess Style, give me a call at 714-499-6486 or email … Continue reading Chew On Chores

Story of the Shift: Stasha Washburn

Episode 74 This week’s interview is outstanding! Stasha Washburn is unique in her business and who she is. She is the rebel and is out there making people uncomfortable with her truth telling. You will love her! Stasha Washburn is on a mission to help women learn and embrace the Power in their Periods. It is … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Stasha Washburn

Story of the Shift: Gina Jackson

Episode 67 Welcome into the room Gina Jackson! Had such a good time with a local girl for me. She has a story many of us can relate to, divorce. And a bad one at that. What happens afterwards is the juice though, you all know that. Gina talks about transitioning and wishing she had … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Gina Jackson

Chew On Balance

Episode 66 I talk a lot about the Feminine. I love it and it is my purpose and my passion and my drive. I realized I have neglected to address how to live in a balance with your masculine and your feminine. I have addressed it a bit in this episode of Chew On This. … Continue reading Chew On Balance

Story of the Shift: Tania Elfersy

Episode 65 Tania is my new bff. We speak each other’s language. Her tools, her story, her wisdom; is just what us peri/menopausal women need. Tania talks about how our bodies are NOT broken mechanisms but are perfectly working instruments who are simply looking to communicate with us. The wisdom is already in you and … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Tania Elfersy

Chew On Flow

Episode 62 Welcome into episode 62 and discussions of flow. Water flows but how does that relate to our real world life? How can we flow like water? I answer those questions in today’s Chew On This. Let me know if this is a help to you in your life.  

Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Episode 59 Welcome to another Story of the Shift. This week I am happy to bring you Lisa Robbin Young. She has so much energy and love of life that she will bring you up no matter where you are in your day. Her story is brilliant and open with self-awareness and a desire for … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Chew On Brain Processing

Episode 58 I delve into the science behind processing in this episode. I have always loved the idea of science and making it work in the real world. I hope this episode brings some behavioral issues to light and allows you to see things a little different.  

Chew On Verbal Processing

Episode 56 OMG! It is time to get this season going! This episode launches Women Are The Journey into Season 2!! So excited. Taking things in a new direction and stepping into tangible, actionable ways of BEing in your feminine. Looking at your life and your business from the feminine that you can use every … Continue reading Chew On Verbal Processing

Story of the Shift: Kari Ottaviano

Episode 53 Had an immediate connection with Kari, her and I share a similar history, the hospitality industry. We both worked our way up into management and more. She dove much farther than I did and her experience is amazing. Succeeding in such a male dominated industry is not easy, but she did it. She … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Kari Ottaviano

Chew On Feelings

Episode 51 Feelings, whoa whoa whoa feelings, sad that I was hearing this song in my head when I was recording this podcast. Moving on, I do a lot of talking about emotions, feelings and the processing of them moving from the masculine to the feminine in the way we think. I would love to … Continue reading Chew On Feelings

Chew On Insecurities and Self Doubt

Episode 45 And here we go, I dig into what keeps us down. How we hold ourselves down and keep ourselves from being secure and confident. Come listen in and let me know  how you are holding yourself back! Schedule a call with me here to talk about shifting those things I talked about today.

Chew On Cognitive Dissonance

Episode 36 Oh my did I get a lot of material for my podcast this weekend. I went to a seminar and got more than I bargained for. The presenter offered up some choice tidbits on how women should behave and they really did NOT match my thinking about that topic. I talk about her … Continue reading Chew On Cognitive Dissonance

Chew On The Long Game

Episode 34 Ran into and old friend and he wanted to know what was new. Told him all about the podcast and it brought up some interesting insights about what I want long term. Want to know what the long game is around here? Listen in.

Chew On Reading That Map…With Intentions

Episode 32 What can I say about this week’s episode? That I had a huge aha during it? That happened. That I came up with a pretty brilliant idea (if I do say so myself). That happened too. That I bared a bit of my soul regarding my own map reading skills. That too. The … Continue reading Chew On Reading That Map…With Intentions

Chew On Plan or Map

Episode 30 Well, turns out fourth time was a charm for this episode. I have an idea that a plan is not the best idea for women, that maybe maps are. Give me a listen and see what you think.