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Story of the Shift: Sharon Ramel

Episode 70 Between researching and learning all you need to know, intuition, finding your posse of girls, being heart driven in everything you do; Sharon Ramel brings so much to this week’s Story of the Shift. I have no more to say about her as she can say it all herself! Sharon stand’s here with you … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sharon Ramel

Chew On Dad

Episode 64 Couple weeks ago, I had an emergency happen with my dad. It was a week long adventure that I got to experience. I did a bit of unpacking on everything I got to experience as well as the way I viewed it all during and afterward. I hope you will join me as … Continue reading Chew On Dad

Chew On Flow

Episode 62 Welcome into episode 62 and discussions of flow. Water flows but how does that relate to our real world life? How can we flow like water? I answer those questions in today’s Chew On This. Let me know if this is a help to you in your life.  

Story of the Shift: Lyn Smith

Episode 61 The flat-lining of your relationship. Lyn has quite a lot to say about it and I think you will really feel what she is talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Her mission is one of my favorites and her desire to help women, and men, in their core relationships is beautiful. … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lyn Smith

Chew On Boxes

Episode 60 It is time to talk about being stuck in those boxes we are in and how to get out of them. Not much more to say except better listen!  

Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Episode 59 Welcome to another Story of the Shift. This week I am happy to bring you Lisa Robbin Young. She has so much energy and love of life that she will bring you up no matter where you are in your day. Her story is brilliant and open with self-awareness and a desire for … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Chew On Brain Processing

Episode 58 I delve into the science behind processing in this episode. I have always loved the idea of science and making it work in the real world. I hope this episode brings some behavioral issues to light and allows you to see things a little different.  

Story of the Shift: Anjara Land

Episode 57 Anjara Land is a mentor for women who had shut down their gifts, inner beauty and intelligence after a life of abuse and trauma. Through her business Applied Divinity, she assists psychics in the discovery and mastery of their gifts and talents so they can create a prolific career as psychics while rediscovering … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Anjara Land

Chew On Verbal Processing

Episode 56 OMG! It is time to get this season going! This episode launches Women Are The Journey into Season 2!! So excited. Taking things in a new direction and stepping into tangible, actionable ways of BEing in your feminine. Looking at your life and your business from the feminine that you can use every … Continue reading Chew On Verbal Processing

Chew On Wrapping Up Season 1!

Episode 55 Can that be right? 55 episodes?! Wow. I give my 2 cents worth on what has happened this season as well as a bit of a preview for what to look forward to in season 2 beginning in January 2019. I find it hard to believe I have completed a year of this … Continue reading Chew On Wrapping Up Season 1!

Chew On Shutting Down The Feminine

Episode 47 I talk about shutting down the feminine and how it relates to crisis moments and life in general. Tune in and let me know what you think…