God Has a Sense of Humor ~ Stara Luz ~ Starseed

Episode 146

I am so happy to welcome into the room, Stara Luz. Stara is a Starseed and if you have never heard the term, you will learn all you need to know during this interview. Stara shows up with all the info and so much wisdom that you will walk away knowing what Starseed means. For you and for the planet. Stara has such an excitement and even is thrilled to be here on this planet at this time. She comments that we are all growing into life in this 3D reality game that we live in. One of my favorite topics was about suffering and how we are not put on this planet to suffer. We are meant to live and love and have fun! We need to live the way we want to live in this reality and how we want to see the world. Live not only in the now, but in the way you want the now to be.

Stara is a galactic adventurer and lover of spiritual exploration. As a Starseed Oracle and Soul Integration Mentor, she works with her clients to support their soul’s next level integration through past life deep dives, chakra uplevel and DNA activation sessions and light language transmissions. Each soul is unique and Stara supports authentic connection with the deepest wisdom ready to emerge. Stara is a venusian priestess in the lineage of the Rose and the co-host of the Alchemy & Ecstasy Podcast where she and her partner converse about everything related to Divine Union and Sex Magick.