Monthly Archives: October 2020

God Has a Sense of Humor ~ Stara Luz ~ Starseed

Episode 146 I am so happy to welcome into the room, Stara Luz. Stara is a Starseed and if you have never heard the term, you will learn all you need to know during this interview. Stara shows up with all the info and so much wisdom that you will walk away knowing what Starseed … Continue reading God Has a Sense of Humor ~ Stara Luz ~ Starseed

Kaballah ~ Lucinda Kurtz

Episode 145 In the unending expanse of life, there arose a desire to be in relationship… thus starts the description of Kaballah. I invite you along on the journey of discovery featuring this week’s guest, Lucinda Kurtz, and the beauty of Kaballah. Lucinda surprises us with an amazing meditation and so much info and places … Continue reading Kaballah ~ Lucinda Kurtz