Trust Me! No, Really… – Audrey Acton

Episode 144

This was a really tough episode for me. Deep and meaningful and all about what is happening now. I have delved into things a bit differently than you may have heard of before. I ask difficult questions and ask you to step into a bit of discomfort for a few minutes. We deserve trust, in ourselves and in our lives. All of us have trust issues, this is just an in your face discussion of those issues! Don’t sweep it away, experience it, own it and move on.

I discuss how I was “creating an exterior Audrey that was supposed to fill the interior Audrey” and how that doesn’t work. More importantly, why it doesn’t work and how that is where we are right now, trying to fill the inside from the outside. And best of all, I offer up some solutions and things to do to teach yourself to fish.

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