Every Planet Has an Essence – Astrology – Jackie Felix

Episode 139

Jackie Felix is a life path mentor. She refers to herself as a factotum – Jane of all trades. One of those trades being a “Jackie” which means, supplanter. She is deeply passionate about her calling as a leader, especially during this time when we are all being invited to support the evolution of our planet. Jackie is looking to have fun and play with everyone as she guides us to replace or supplant the old for that new. 

Jackie knows each of us to be a unique frequency of Light; that we each arrived in this life with our own energetic blueprint. It is from this space that your magical journey with Jackie begins! Using the ancient science of astrology, coupled with her Mary Poppins bag of modalities, together you will playfully navigate through your personal path of self transformation. She will take you deep into the land of “Know Thyself.” She invites you to pick your own game, then play in the magic of it!

You can find Jackie on Facebook at Dust Off My Soul or contact her at dustoffmysoul@gmail.com. She also invites you to tap into her teachings at joyfuloftacos.com – an eclectic mix of artists’ contributions.

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