Your Life Designed by You! Human Design – Linda Bisson-Copp

Episode 134

Linda is a Human Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment Coach/Mentor. Quite the mouthful for someone who is so kind and generous with her information and time. Linda is in the room and talking about Human Design. If you have never heard of it, you are in for a treat. It is a combination of multiple modalities put together in a way that brings you to a level of self discovery heretofore unknown. I know, I know, seems like a big promise. The thing is, if you work this, it is something that can change you forever.

Linda Bissin-Copp is a managing family therapist, in practice for more than thirty years. A friend of nearly four decades introduced her to Human Design, which enabled her to understand her own family dynamics as a child in addition to events in her current life. Human Design brings efficiencies in her therapy practice for her clients and helped her understand the intricacies of her six children.

Linda has extensive credentials in the Human Design field and beyond, which compliment her counseling and coaching sessions. Her expertise includes: Human Design Level Four Specialist (nine years), Reiki Master Teacher (sixteen years), Level Four Aura-Soma Practitioner (sixteen years), Quantum Touch (twelve years) and a Meditation and Visualization Teacher.

Linda has continued her search for truth throughout most of her adult life and will continue to follow her heart and spirit to guide her journey.

You can find Linda’s book here, get your free Human Design chart here.

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