Reiki Off The Table – Alicia Mastrangelo

Episode 132

What is Reiki? What does it do? How does it work? All those questions and more answered in today’s episode with  Alicia Mastrangelo. She talks about finding bread crumbs and following them to her own awakening intuition and becoming a “recovering Catholic”. We discuss Reiki infused jewelry (who knew?!) and what true healing really looks like, not just to her, but to you!

Alicia Mastrangelo is a Reiki Master/Teacher and the owner of Live It Love It Wellness. Using a combination of her training, intuition, and metaphysical tools (along with a heavy dash of humor), she helps her clients (and Reiki students) navigate their own healing journeys. She is passionate about her work being a collaboration between her and her clients, helping to shine some light into their dark, offering some suggestions for their path forward, and helping them rediscover their own innate power to heal themselves. As Glinda the Good Witch says “You’ve always had the power, my dear.”
Alicia can be found on the web at and on Facebook at Live It Love It Wellness – Alicia Mastrangelo. You can also email her at or stalk her on Instagram at @aliciamastrangelo.
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