Story of the Shift: Tara Whitney

Episode 126

One of the things Tara Whitney talks about at the very beginning of her interview is thinking she was doing the right thing and then realizing it may not have been. I think so often we all feel that way. The thing so many of us don’t realize is that it is ourselves we are shorting on the right thing, not everyone else. Tara has some great shifts related to that realization alone and finding new beginnings and new ways of being along the way.

Tara Whitney is leading a revolution of women who are creating a relationship with food and their bodies that brings them to trust themselves. Her latest book, Hungry: Trust Your Body and Free Your Mind Around Food, offers a fresh perspective on why women have struggled with food and gives them a path to set themselves free.Tara is a transformational coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Starting her career as a CPA in public accounting, she is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and grown several businesses, including an accounting consulting firm and a yoga studio. Tara and her family, her husband Mark and three children, Ryan, Garrett and Anna create plenty of adventure on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.