Story of the Shift: Sharon Holand Gelfand

Episode 125

I have in the room with me Sharon Holand Gelfand. I connected so very deeply with her story of discovery and lessons learned. It is amazing to me what we can gain in our lives when our children open the door for us to advocate for them. Her willingness to “buck the system” and think outside the box is the mark of an entrepreneur  in many ways. You will love her story of exploring her own life.

Sharon Holand Gelfand is a healthcare disruptor. As a speaker and certified functional diagnostic nutritionist, Sharon transforms women’s lives by healing their guts. She gets to the root of their most common health complaints by testing – not guessing – and incorporates lifestyle shifts filled with more energy and less stress.

When her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Sharon decided to tackle his condition head on. This led her to a breakthrough career change, and sent her to graduate school where she completed a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition. Sharon takes her expertise to stages, panels, and workshops to share her very important message of healing with the world.

Through applied functional testing, tuning into your gut and lifestyle shifts that work for you, Sharon shows that you really can reverse diagnoses and manage conditions naturally, thereby reclaiming your health and, most importantly, your life.