Story of the Shift: Heather Rampolla

Episode 124

Heather Rampolla was such a treat to have in the room. She was so open and ready to share the real her and be truly vulnerable with us. She talks about shame, fear and resistance. All the things we struggle with so very much. Heather shares with us her journey through those painful feelings and how she got to the other side. She also talked about upending her beliefs about herself, her relationships and what she believed about money and work. Upending those beliefs led to a life full of fun and risk and adventure. It’s a good story and you will love it!

In 2012 Heather took a bold move, left her banking career to pursue her creative passions and become an entrepreneur. She’s an Artist, Designer, and Investor. Heather sells her large abstract paintings online. When she’s not painting, she’s investing in and designing real estate with her husband. Heather’s large canvases reflect her mission to inspire women to dream big, be bold, and make the mark only they can make in the world.