Story of the Shift: Megan Hensley

Episode 121

Did you know that donkeys are really cool animals? I always liked them, they make a cool braying sound and I always thought that was cool and yet, there is so much more to them than that! Megan Hensley is in the room this week for her Story of the Shift and she shares not only her story, but things you didn’t know you needed to know about donkeys! Her love and kindness shines through in every part of her and it is a joy to listen to her story.

Megan Hensley is passionate about serving donkeys in a positive and educated light. Her business, Holistic Hooves, takes a wellness approach that you won’t find with many hoof care providers. She is equal parts farrier, educator and welfare advocate. There’s a beautiful intention to Megan that strives to improve lives, both human and equine, through education, inspiration, empowerment and resources.