Story of the Shift: Nalana Lillie

Episode 118

What a pleasure it was to have Nalana Lillie in the room to talk about her story. Being a military wife and all the ups and downs that come with that. I had never thought of the hardships and loneliness that comes with that life. Nalana illustrates it beautifully and shares her pain and triumph. It is a brilliant interview and her salvation came in the form of something we can all get behind…candles! Check the link to find your favorite scent on her site. She is offering a discount to all my listeners, 15% off your purchase when you use the code GODDESS! Plus, she has a sale going on too! Christmas is coming up…(I can’t believe I just said that)

Nalana Lillie is an expert in enhancing the reading experience through scent and journaling, She is a passionate advocate for the importance of fandoms to overcome loneliness and create instant rapport. As the chief candle pourer, fragrance development magician and owner of Book Scents, she creates hand-poured candles that transport readers into their favorite book fandom. She is also the author of T.B.I.R. The Books I Read: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers.

Nalana has collaborated with J.R. Ward’s publisher to create a fragrance inspired by The Bourbon Kings, worked one-on-one with over 30 authors to create custom fragrances for their books, and had her Outlandish candles featured by Diana Gabaldon’s publishers as giveaways in preparation for the release of, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. She has also joined forces with The Tall Poppy Writers to support women’s education in developing countries through the Room to Read education program and a fundraising candle, Bloom.

Book Scents Candles. Remember, 15% off using the code GODDESS