Story of the Shift: Joia Houheneka

Episode 117

I’m pleased to welcome into the room with me this week, K. Joia Houheneka. Joia has an unusual journey compared to many on this podcast. Not in a bad way, just different. Not many women I have talked to have moved through the deeps halls of academia. Joia moved through those halls and out the doors into the world of entrepreneurship. She brings a history of teaching to a world of business in a way that is fun and playful.

K. Joia Houheneka is a creativity/innovation expert, entrepreneur, coach, writer, and speaker. Her passion is supporting Founders and Innovators, the world’s visionaries, problem solvers and change makers. Working with their vision and agenda, she challenges their thinking and provides the provocative questioning, proven tools, and accountability they need to reach the next level of success and serve as powerful leaders.

Joia deeply believes that everyone can and ought to be more creative and continuously grow and develop in multiple fields. She is an advocate for the pursuit of multidisciplinary excellence and is herself the creative force behind the 21st Century Renaissance Human Project.

You can find her hosting the “Founders & Innovators Morning Show” and get her favorite coaching tool on her website,