Story of the Shift: Gabbi Rose

Episode 116

This may be one of my very favorite interviews. Partly because I know Gabbi in real life, partly because I have eaten at her restaurant (the pie is to die for! Can’t wait to try the BBQ). Mostly though, it is because she is a serial entrepreneur who has not only had multiple businesses in different industries, crazy different, and has expanded and gained in each iteration of her journey. In business and in herself. Gabbi’s life theme is so evident throughout her story, I don’t even ask what it is, you know. She offers a balance of feminine softness and kindness with the masculine know how of money and business acumen. Fantastic woman and I know you will love her as much as I do.

Gabbi Rose is a native to Southern California, and a recent Venice Beach ex-pat to the Coachella Valley in Southern California. She is learning to love life in the magical desert landscape. For Gabbi, the desert has been a personal healing refuge from “city life”. It brought solitude and reflection, away from what was “the busy life”. 

Gabbi started in high school as a server, worked every position in the industry, went off to college, and had children. She has been a puppeteer, a CEO and an Entrepreneur, and is happiest when she gets to wait tables. Gabbi finds pleasure in surprises. Loves roadside diners: she likes to order Biscuits and Gravy, BBQ, and Pie as she passes through towns. 

The Sugarloaf Cafe is Gabbi’s idea of a perfect surprise- they make great food & offer kind service, in the middle of nowhere.

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