Story of the Shift: Annemarie Fowler

Episode 115

Had such a great time with Annemarie. Through her many moves with her husband, the newness and question of what she would do each time created a newness inside of her. A desire to be something new and something different. With the support of her husband she created more than she could have ever dreamed. Listen in to hear all the details.

Annemarie Fowler is the founder of Speak Confident English and the creator of Fluency School, where she helps international women grow professionally and communicate with ease through English confidence and fluency training.
Through 1:1 coaching and small group courses, Annemarie has helped hundreds of women from 68 countries, including entrepreneurs, business administrators, marketing experts, medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, diplomats and life coaches. She has an active community of more than 200,000 followers via her Confident English blog and YouTube channel.
Her next Fluency School course starts November 2. Get a FREE sneak peek starting October 16. You’ll learn how to speak clearly, get unstuck, and sound more natural in English.