Story of the Shift: Sheri Sutherland

Episode 110

Welcome into another episode of Women are the Journey and this week’s tastiness with Sheri Sutherland. My favorite quote from her was;

The more honest we can be with ourselves about ourselves, the better chance we have of truly transforming our life.

She is all about helping women be honest with themselves, she has been there and done that.

Sheri Sutherland of Tranquility Soul Spa loves to help women make the shift from stressed out to blissed out. Together, they create a solid base of healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love, that helps them find real joy, happiness, and bliss in their lives.

You can find Sheri’s free ebook, Stop Torturing Yourself & Find Your Happiness, here.

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One thought on “Story of the Shift: Sheri Sutherland

  1. This was the most fun interview I’ve ever had – thanks so much for having me on your show! If anyone has any questions, I’m always available to answer them 😀

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