Peek Under the Skirt Highlight Reel

Welcome into the highlights! In case you are unfamiliar, Peek Under the Skirt is an ongoing series of fun, interesting, thoughtful and hilarious questions I ask each of my guests after their Story of the Shift. I started out with some simple questions that I found on the internets. Some of you might recognize them when you hear them. The fun thing is, we, my son and I, came up with a set of 30 questions that I mix and match for each woman who sits in the room with me. These questions are much more reflective of me and I love them all!

It was hard to narrow it down to a few but here they all are! Jo Tucker, Stasha Washburn, Whitedove Gannon, Lorna Hollinger, Jessica Elizabeth Opert, Alison Armstrong, Elaine Bogard-Lopez, Christine Watts, and Julia McGarey.

I have been interviewing women for a few months so I have a backlog of episodes, 21 in fact! They will ALL be available at my patreon at the Freyja tier.

We have so much fun during these interviews and I know you will love them too. I offer up a highlight reel of some of the fun I have had in the last several months.

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