Story of the Shift: Sonja Franzmann

Episode 104

I love this episode for the simple reason that Sonja Franzmann’s story illustrates how one small decision, one small choice can make the most profound impact on your life. Sonja had that exact thing happen to her. Simple yet profound.

Sonja Franzmann is a certified lifestyle coach for corporate rebels and entrepreneurs who want to go from burnt out to blissed out.
With a diploma in nutrition from SAIT and a personal fitness training certificate from Mount Royal University, Sonja has been helping thousands of women trade their self judgment and self-sabotaging habits for greater vitality, health and body confidence.
Her signature “Body & Mind Redefined” 1:1 coaching program helps her clients create a lifestyle and body they love, that’s built on freedom, not restriction.
Sonja has made appearances on TV, magazines, newspapers, websites, and podcasts that include Breakfast TV, Global TV, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, and The Globe.

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