Story of the Shift: Alison Armstrong part 1

Episode 100

Welcome into episode 100 ladies and gentlemen! I am very excited to share with you a very special guest for my 100th. I have in the room with me Alison Armstrong! I have been a fan for over 10 years and have several of her programs and am a fan of listening to her on Dennis Prager’s radio program. Alison is a boatload of fun and she is a hoot. One of my favorite quotes of the interview is:

My idiot is sitting in the lap of my savant or our blind spot is right next to our brilliance.

This is the first time I am going to split up an interview as I wanted to make sure no one missed anything Alison talks about. She digs deep and shares large. Enjoy part one with Alison Armstrong.

Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behavior began in 1991, with her decision to study men, “To find out how I was bringing out the worst in them. And hopefully, how to bring out the best.” Her success in understanding men naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two.

Armstrong distinguishes human instincts that compel both men and women to behave in ways that contradict and undermine our own purposes, goals, values, needs and relationships. She offers partnership-based alternatives giving millions of people access to more fulfilling lives, loving relationships, stronger families and productive organizations.

Armstrong is a sought-after speaker and thought-leader amongst people with the desire to live empowered lives. Alison’s philosophy and approach is frequently referenced and taught by other authors, speakers, business consultants and therapists.

Information about Alison’s work is available at 

Here is the link to part 2 of Alison Armstrong!

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