Story of the Shift: Jamie Feit

Episode 96

I love what Jamie Feit has to say about dieting, that it is not something you can do for the rest of your life. Her discussions about her food experiences growing up are incredible and I wished I had had that upbringing as well as been able to given that to my children. Amazing stuff really. Her mission from those formative lessons are worth the listen.

Jamie Feit is a registered dietitian who teaches busy moms how to prepare healthy food that their families will enjoy, without spending hours in the kitchen. With a Masters Degree in clinical nutrition from New York University, Jamie’s been helping her patients meet their nutrition goals for over 20 years.

Jamie’s worked with the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, and Westmed. She was recently featured on the podcast, Moms are we there yet and now runs her private practice in New York. Here is Jamie’s special gift to all of my listeners, 5 Easy, Delicious and Healthy On The Go Lunch Recipes

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