Top Tip Tuesday

Episode 94

I have really come to dig these Top Tip episodes! They are full of so much wisdom and fun. This Top Tip Tuesday features the wisdom of Liza Baker and she discusses taking a pause, how language is so important and that what you say matters, to others but mostly to yourself! Next up is Hillary Schneider talking about having a tribe; a support system. The necessity of having a daily practice to your business health. Last but certainly not least, Kittie Bernott has tips on being deliberate and asking yourself. You must know your own answer before asking for help.

I recommend listening to each of the episodes as they are full of tidbits of wisdom and laughter.

Take a look at Liza’s (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood to find the community and support you need!

Next up, contact me for more info on Meetings: Goddess Style!

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