Story of the Shift: Robin Joy Meyers

Episode 92

In the room with me today is Robin Joy Meyers. She offers up a real story about finding voice. Her own and then learning to help other women and girls. Her message of no such thing as perfection and trusting yourself and your vision is fantastic.

International speaker, fear strategist, author, and molecular geneticist Robin Joy Meyers educates and empowers thousands of women all over the world to claim their voices and create their best lives. With over two decades of experience and two best-selling books, Alone but Not Lonely:Reclaim Your Identity and Be Unapologetically You and The Art of Unlearning: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone, Robin Joy is an acclaimed expert of women’s empowerment.

Robin Joy specializes in science-based strategies and techniques for self-awareness, mindset, leadership,  alance/boundaries and the positive power of fear to empower women with tools to change your mindset and limiting beliefs that can be put into action immediately. An expert in life transitions, Robin Joy founded her company, Navigate2Empower, to educate and empower women through executive coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.

She recognizes that living a life without fear isn’t realistic, and her unique approach to fear management provides women with a fresh and effective method to self-improvement, encouraging them to actively live in the moment with a conscious and courageous presence.

She has spoken in front of large audiences in both the United States, Canada, and Europe as well as been featured in the media including ABC, CBS, NBC, CUTV Talk Radio and Fox News as well on numerous podcasts including The Entrepreneur Way with Neil Ball; The Golden Mic with Marc Cardon; MHNR Network Mental Health Network Radio with Dr. Kristina Hallett And Kristin Walker; RHG TV Network with Moneeka Sawyer; The NOW Factor with Kate Dorsey; Life Transitions with Sean Douglas; Healthy Wealthy & Smart with Karen Litzy.

Robin can be found at her site, 

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