Story of the Shift: Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Episode 88

Have you ever heard of a Fertility Intuitive? I know I hadn’t but let me tell you, Elaine Lopez-Bogard is one and her story is deep and wonderful and what she does being a Fertility Intuitive is incredible!

Elaine Lopez-Bogard is a Fertility Intuitive that helps women who have difficulty conceiving to get pregnant and prepare for motherhood. In 2010, Elaine had a life-changing miscarriage where she found herself isolated and without any emotional support. She went on a healing journey that led to her becoming a certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Traditional Peruvian Shamanic Practitioner, and Psychic Medium. During this process, she met her unborn baby in the spirit world. This baby became her spiritual guide and taught Elaine how to help other women create a soul bond with their unborn children, which greatly improved the probability of not only getting pregnant but carrying their babies to term.

Since then, Elaine has worked with women all over the world and can be found at her website,

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