Story of the Shift: Jessica Elizabeth Opert

Episode 76

Welcome into the room, certified Love and Relationship Coach; Jessica Elizabeth Opert. Jessica talks about her story, the fact that she was failing at love and how she shifted her life away from failed relationships to the love of her life. She talks about fights and how we need them, being in solidarity with women, how movies do us an enormous disservice, asking for help and well, so very much more.

Jessica Elizabeth Opert is a expert Certified Love & Relationship Coach, partnering with strong independent women out in the jungle looking for love and brave couples fighting the good fight to keep their love thriving. She helps her clients up level their confidence, self esteem and navigate the all too common pitfalls and internal blocks in relationships from a place of fierce compassion and real talk tools. The reality is we ALL missed that course in school called Relationships 101, because it simply doesn’t exist, and once we truly accept its okay that we don’t know what we don’t know… we can say goodbye to shame and hello to learning!

You can find Jessica at her website, Jessica Elizabeth Coaching. You will also find her free gift The 5 Minute Morning Clear Out amazing to use!

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