Story of the Shift: Stasha Washburn

Episode 74

This week’s interview is outstanding! Stasha Washburn is unique in her business and who she is. She is the rebel and is out there making people uncomfortable with her truth telling. You will love her!

Stasha Washburn is on a mission to help women learn and embrace the Power in their Periods. It is her life’s work to end the taboo around menstruation, from whispered conversations in the bathroom to powerful public discussions. Ending things from marketing designed to make women feel shame, right through to the death’s that occur every year due to this taboo around women’s health.

She is a savvy business coach and strategist and she does her best work when she combines these two passions and works with entrepreneurs to help them shape their business in a way that aligns with and supports their cycle and embraces their innately feminine gifts.

You can find Stasha here at her site, The Period Coach, click here for the charting download and click here to get that delicious bread recipe!

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