Story of the Shift: Amanda Dilday

Episode 72

The Witch and The Puritan, if I could have named this episode anything, it would have been that. Amanda Dilday brings you closer to the divine simply by sharing her story. She talks about the dangers of not listening to yourself, being met by the plants and flowing like water, running off the path and doing cartwheels is how she is living her life.

Amanda Dilday is a mother, herbalist, teacher, author, land lover, and child of the Tennessee hills. Now living in the Upstate of South Carolina, she is the creatrix of Alchemilla’s School of Embodied Herbalism and feels closest to Spirit when she is connecting people to plants and humans to land. Amanda hosts the podcast, Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine, where she shares nature’s medicine and offers heart-stories of healing. In her book, Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine and Sexual Trauma, Amanda shares her journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse with the plants as her closest allies. In love with rocks and water, blueberries, wildflowers, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Amanda longs for the Land with which she works closely, open and willing to listen, co-create, and offer healing. Offering consultations and classes, Amanda is most in the Flow when she is holding space for others to communicate with plants, connect to place, and come home to themselves. You can learn more about Amanda and her work at .

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