Story of the Shift: Sharon Ramel

Episode 70

Between researching and learning all you need to know, intuition, finding your posse of girls, being heart driven in everything you do; Sharon Ramel brings so much to this week’s Story of the Shift. I have no more to say about her as she can say it all herself!

Sharon stand’s here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of her youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of the crone years, embracing the growth and  wisdom of her future years as they unfold.

She has been offering spirit based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us. Every student is personally welcomed by via ceremony as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us all into the sacred space together.

Following 25 years as a leader in complementary health care she was called to change direction. Her teaching transformation began in meditation with great spirit nudging her to teach online, she tried to dismiss the dream thinking it was crazy, it would not leave so she asked where and how! It all unfolded with ease with her being shown the way. Trusting her intuition totally  brings her here serendipitously.

She provides resources that support “the spiritual journey” because it is that Mystery that she serves.

Join us in Goddesses Inner Circle to discuss this week’s topic of business development and whether a retreat is a true method of business development. Join us using the code “dither”. You can also contact me about Business. Goddess Style at, on my Facebook page or call me at 714-499-6486.