Story of the Shift: Gina Jackson

Episode 67

Welcome into the room Gina Jackson! Had such a good time with a local girl for me. She has a story many of us can relate to, divorce. And a bad one at that. What happens afterwards is the juice though, you all know that. Gina talks about transitioning and wishing she had her as her own coach while she was going through her mess. It was her inspiration to become the coach she is today.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved helping people. I noticed from an early age, that even people I didn’t really know, would gravitate towards me, sharing their feelings. My friends would say that it was because I was so easy to talk to and I made everyone feel safe and comfortable. Because of my love of helping others, I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education. I also earned my Teaching Credential and taught young children for many years, before having a family of my own. I would often help parents with academic or behavioral issues with their young children.

I also went through extensive training and became a lay counselor through my church. We were taught to help others help themselves and to be a source of encouragement and light. I thoroughly enjoyed coming alongside others and bringing a feeling of hope to those who were struggling. Health and Fitness are great motivators for me, and while my daughters were young, I earned my Fitness Trainer Certificate and helped women and junior tennis players with fitness and strength training.

Unfortunately, I went through a very difficult divorce. I struggled with hopelessness, loneliness, confusion, fatigue and depression. I made a promise to myself, that when I was ready and my girls were grown, I would work someway, in helping other women who were struggling through divorce. There are many facets to divorce. I have experienced all of the stages. Now that my girls are grown, I felt it was the perfect time to begin my career as a Certified Life Coach. I can help women who may be seeking direction and support through the divorce process. I come alongside and help women transition into a life of independence, self assurance and self confidence.

You can find Gina at her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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