Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Episode 59

Welcome to another Story of the Shift. This week I am happy to bring you Lisa Robbin Young. She has so much energy and love of life that she will bring you up no matter where you are in your day. Her story is brilliant and open with self-awareness and a desire for living her own way. I loved this quote from her: “Self-awareness ~ practiced willingness to see what’s there without judgement” She offers so many tidbits along the way and really makes you think about your need to stay in the moment and be mindful of what you are saying to yourself about yourself.

Lisa Robbin Young, founder of Ark Entertainment Media, is the author of Creative Freedom: How To Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul. She helps creative entrepreneurs make good money doing what they love and enjoy their life in the process.

An award-winning speaker, writer, and musician, Lisa also penned the international business best-seller “The Secret Watch” and is at work on her fourth album – a collection of pop-infused jazz and blues tunes from her “300 Songs” project. Lisa is the host of Creative Freedom, a web series providing inspiration and education for creative entrepreneurs and the Creative Freedom Incubator: a hands-on business incubator for creatives ready to build a profitable, sustainable business doing what they love.

Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself – warts, sparkles, and all – so you can own your dreams without selling your soul.

You can learn more about Lisa and discover your Creative Freedom Entrepreneur Type at her website.

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