Story of the Shift: Anjara Land

Episode 57

Anjara Land is a mentor for women who had shut down their gifts, inner beauty and intelligence after a life of abuse and trauma. Through her business Applied Divinity, she assists psychics in the discovery and mastery of their gifts and talents so they can create a prolific career as psychics while rediscovering a life of self love, confidence and peace. She was able to overcome a life of abandonment, abuse and neglect, and break the cycle of attracting abusive people into her life through her natural psychic gifts as well as ending the family history of belonging to the rotten branch of her family tree, transforming it into a blooming life full of love, hot chocolate and cat fur.

I am so excited for you all to hear Anjara! She has great stories, great shifts and has an amazing gift. She dives right in with the break up that started it all. She offers up honesty and vulnerability to all. And cheetahs too! You can find Anjara here


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