Story of the Shift: Kari Ottaviano

Episode 53

Had an immediate connection with Kari, her and I share a similar history, the hospitality industry. We both worked our way up into management and more. She dove much farther than I did and her experience is amazing. Succeeding in such a male dominated industry is not easy, but she did it. She talks about being fearless, there’s no such thing, standing/being in your own power and what that means; and so much more. She offers so much goodness.

Kari Ottaviano is a business coach and consultant with a focus in the hospitality industry. With over 20 yrs in leadership roles,she decided to focus on helping develop leadership programs. Kari is a writer and speaker in the leadership and motivational field. Add to that a passion for food & beverage and there is always an interesting conversation to be had. She loves to enjoy life, what she does, and to help others reach their goals. Kari is an avid supporter of women in business and mentorship programs. Stay tuned for an upcoming book release that is very exciting!

You can find Kari on her website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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