Story of the Shift: Krista Rizzo

Episode 52

Krista said one of my most favorite lines in today’s interview; the good happens with the bad. So true. She also talked about her shifts and how a man was the catalyst for her big shift. She has had some great friends talk to her about toning down her desire to save the world to something more manageable; changing it instead. You will absolutely love her talk about being in the box, I know I did. Changed my perspective in a moment. Join us today for a great Story of the Shift.

Krista Rizzo is the very definition of #WhyAmIYelling? Once an aspiring talk show host, she’s now a Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and the creator of the “Inspiring Transformation” programs, where she is determined to YELL about spreading optimism everywhere she goes. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her very tolerant husband and their two boys. When she’s not busy being the “World’s Okayest Mom,” Krista can be found hiding in her closet enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book, a glass of prosecco and some dark chocolate.

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