Monthly Archives: October 2018

Story of the Shift: Anita Kaiser

Episode 46 I have Anita Kaiser in the room this week! Baby yoga, child yoga, living in an RV that is traveling all over, bullying, shifting and feeling alive. And those are just a few things! Anita uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to life coach, heal and spiritually guide those who seek her assistance.  Her commitment … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Anita Kaiser

Chew On Insecurities and Self Doubt

Episode 45 And here we go, I dig into what keeps us down. How we hold ourselves down and keep ourselves from being secure and confident. Come listen in and let me know  how you are holding yourself back! Schedule a call with me here to talk about shifting those things I talked about today.

Story of the Shift: Jennifer Nielsen

Episode 44 Jennifer Nielsen talks about feeling connected for the first time in her life. Her story about ignoring her call and finally succumbing to it’s power, changed  her life. She shares about the gifts that come when you follow what you’re meant to do. I won’t tell you anything more, it is so juicy … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Jennifer Nielsen

Chew On The Dark Night of the Soul

Episode 43 And I am BACK! From a dark night of the soul. Join me while I discuss my hiatus and what came out of that dark night…