Story of the Shift: Debbie Wright

Episode 35

We have the first woman in who runs a business in a truly male dominated business, automotive repair. The funny thing is, she used her intuition to get herself in that business! Gotta love it. She is tenacious and fearless and she is in this to help women. She wants to empower women to be proactive about taking care of their cars. She wants you to walk in and know what questions to ask and be confident in going someplace that women seem to have a rough time in.

Debbie Wright is a single mom of 5 young adults and a grandmother of one grandson. She is the owner of MOTEC Auto Care, a full-service repair shop located in San Diego. Debbie writes about life and career after kids on her blog Her best-seller book. get your copy of Auto Girl’s Ultimate Car Care Guide: 10 Ways to Save Tons of Money. Her goal is to educate and empower women on the basics of car care.

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