Story of the Shift: Danielle NaChay

Episode 31

I think one of my favorite things about this week’s guest is that she focus’s on what excites you, as a person and as a business woman. Her tips are based around that very message and I love the way she expands on it to give you an idea of what she means. She also says something I adore that I won’t share here but will let you listen for. I give you….Danielle NaChay.

Danielle NaChay is a marketing strategist and branding coach… but she doesn’t build brands, she build experiences. Brands are everywhere!!! EXPERIENCES will never be forgotten. What was the last brand you bought? Hmm… If you are like many you’ve probably forgotten. But experiences like your first perfect day at the beach you’ll always remember.

Since 2007, Danielle has been building the complete brand experience from behind the scenes. She has created wardrobes, styled homes, designed events, connected brands to influencers, landed PR gigs, and built profitable social media presences for her clients around the world.

Now her main focus is expanding her clients impact online. Style + Simplicity are her passion and her life. Danielle NaChay helps female entrepreneurs build online experiences that get them REMEMBERED, REFERRED, RAVED ABOUT, and yes RICHLY PAID.

When Danielle’s away from her desk she enjoys just to be. You will often find her snuggled up in a king sized bed with her husband and 2 little girls watching Moana for the 100 thousandth time or visiting the wineries nearby her Virginia home. Danielle has a laugh that can light up a room, a smile you will never forget and a belief that everyone is a friend; some she just hasn’t met, well not yet.

You can find Danielle online at   or around the web @daniellenachay


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