Story of the Shift: Maria Granovsky

Episode 29

Maria is wonderful. She has a varied history, Russia, Israel and Canada to start with. Plus, she speaks the languages. Cool right? She has a great accent! She talks about being an introvert and all the mess and blessings that come with that. The wonderful place she found to help her step outside of her own fears that helped her shift her focus. She also talks about how we measure our success and that when opportunity knocks, say yes, even if it isn’t exactly what you had been looking for. And the story about screaming into the pillow is funny.

Maria Granovsky helps lawyers generate more business and gain more clients through innovative business development strategies and high-impact copywriting.

In her work, she relies on her background as a scientist and an attorney, and her experience teaching legal writing. Added to the mix are the lessons learned authoring and marketing a well-received legal thriller, coaching people on business development and content marketing projects, editing other people’s books, and writing the websites of several law firms.

You can find her at her website and on LinkedIn.

I apologize for the poor sound quality this week.

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