Story of the Shift: Kittie Bernott

Episode 27

This interview touches my heart strings with all the connection that Kittie is about. I took notes during the interview to use for myself! She talked about the need for compassion for self before anything else. That being an entrepreneur is not easy, but that it is worth it because it is awful and beautiful at the same time. You will lover her story about spinning the wheel of Kittie and you need to give yourself the chance to give yourself the answer before asking anyone else. And by the way, there is a lot more.

Let me introduce you to Kittie Bernott

Kittie is an Intuitive Metalsmith with Viking roots, creating jewelry designed to Awaken Your Natural Wisdom.

She shares the power and transformative nature of the Elder Futhark Runes through the art of Runesmithing — the act of carving or casting runes into crystals and precious metals. Kittie’s purpose is to imbue these objects with natural energy and ancient wisdom, so they may awaken what is best and brightest in the person who bears them.

She also offers Runic Divination readings using the Elder Futhark runes, which contain complex symbolic meaning and offer insight into specific questions or the general flow of life. Each rune embodies centuries of communal history, communication, and personal empowerment… Kittie use the runes to tap into this wisdom and bring you greater clarity where you need it most.

Kittie’s offerings include:

Natural Crystal Jewelry
Precious Metal Jewelry 
Handcarved Rune Crystals
Runic Divination Readings

Kittie can be found at