Story of the Shift: Wendy White

Episode 25

I am excited to welcome in my friend Wendy White. She is a friend from learning to do copy writing days. She is very good at that but even better as a coach. A Biz/Dev Coach to be exact. She has lots of good advice as well as a fun story and lots of shifting along the way. She offers up some great wisdom on trusting your and the fact that you are your own best expert.

Wendy is a business development coach and strategist helping online coaches/consultants create a unique compelling message that connects with and converts their audience. She helps them refine, apply, and amplify that message so their business takes them wherever they want to go-in their work, in their lives, and out in the world.

Wendy can be found at The Departure Lounge, her free business development community on Facebook or on her site at

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