Story of the Shift: Miriam MacMillan

Episode 23

Miriam is a Self-Love Coach, Photographer, Artist and is currently writing her first book: “Already Enough”. She has three teenage stepchildren and three children at home under 6! For the past year she has been striving to reach out to busy mums to show them how Self-Love is not only achievable for everyone but essential and easy once you know how!

Today’s episode is one of those ones that you can’t wait for everyone to hear. Mirrie is a treat in all ways. She is lovely and you wish she was your bestie because of it. Her words are so beautiful that they brought me to tears as I edited her show. She has such wisdom about loving yourself that I won’t even try to expand on it right now. You will simply enjoy listening. On a final note, I would like to say, she was so poised during the whole interview and yet she had a sleeping infant at her breast. Amazing.

You can find Mirrie in her Facebook groups, Self-Love Business Rebels or You Deserve Love!

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