Story of the Shift: Lora Reppenhagen

Episode 21

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming in Lora Reppenhagen. She is a friend of mine in the real world and I have admired her for a long time. She is one of the strongest women I know and has overcome so much to become more of the wonderful, kind woman that I know. She has great tidbits of wisdom and I love one of her thoughts on owning your own business, “They’re gonna call your crazy…”. You know they do, we have all experienced that! She also talks about how she is softening in her life, following your desire and leaning on each other.

Lora Reppenhagen is a Certified All Breed Groomer and the Owner/Operator of Foxy Fur Grooming in Corona CA

After an extensive and successful corporate job in advertising sales and marketing, where she literally produced in excess of 6 million dollars in sales for someone else, she experienced a string of personal tragedies and came to the point of an epiphany. She took a leave of absence and decided, to the amazement of everyone, to attend pet grooming school. She took this business so serious that she not only studied and graduated at the top of her class from the prestigious International School of Grooming, she extended her education further with the Southern California Professional Groomers Association.

She ran her own mobile pet washing service and had a solid stable of clients. With 10 years experience, she then opened a store front, brick and mortar business where clients now come to her. She is well on her way to 1000’s of clients and is looking to explore a deeper part of the industry by creating her own line of soaps and shampoos plus some mystery products on the horizon…

She has never looked back and is now in control of her destiny and making money for no one other than herself and her family.

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