Story of the Shift: Megan M Riley

Episode 18

You want to talk about a story of the shift? I give you Megan M Riley. This woman has shifted it all! One of those shifts occurred in her business where after 13 years of just enough, she shifted to the thinking that this is what it’s really like to be in business? Wow! She talks about so many inspiring and usable tidbits, Goddess Hour, trauma sharing, about coming to your own rythm before you start your day in order for you to set your OWN tone for your own day and the last one I am going to mention, embrace the suck! You will need to listen to get the rest and there is more to be had!

Megan M Riley was born a natural intuitive with gifts from both of her parents. She has been working as a psychic for 13 years and has helped over 18,000 people. Late 2016 she made 5 intentions for her life and business that changed her life. Over the next 12 months she 3x her business, lost 80 lbs, quit smoking and drinking, began dancing, traveling and enjoying a life she didn’t think was possible. She now provides what she calls, “psychic plus” which is psychic and intuitive readings combined with coaching over a longer term with incredible results for her clients.

Megan blissfully lives in the mountains of Colorado with her dogs and cats. You can find her on Facebook at Megan M Riley or on her website.

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