Story of the Shift: Megan Hale

Episode 8

Today I get the absolute pleasure of bringing you Megan Hale.

Megan is the founder of Wild & Holy, a spiritual community of coaches, therapists, helpers, and healers who value expansion, growth, vulnerability, and bravery. She leads retreats and group programs for women and facilitates 1:1 coaching for both individuals and couples who crave more truth, trust, and transformation. She’s the podcast host of Wild & Holy Radio, the realest conversation on spirituality and creating a life that honors your soul. Through her own healing journey of self-sabotage and spiritual warfare, Megan learned the hard way the damage we bring ourselves when we doubt our own belonging, deservingness, and Divinity. She now teaches others how to step into their Wild & Holy truth, trust themselves more, and expand into their fullest expression to make their unique impact in the world.

Her most recent container, Wild & Holy Year, which begins March 5th, has just three spots left for coaches, therapists, helpers, and healers ready to have their own breakthroughs so they can show up braver and help others have their own. Enrollment briefly reopens February 14th. Find out more about her unique community and how to join here.

During our conversation, you will learn about trusting and how it can ground you into what is real and true for you. Megan talks about fear and that it is the best passenger to your own expansion, the biggest lie we tell ourselves and so many more tidbits that you will want to listen twice to get everything she has to offer.


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