Story of the Shift: Kelli Freese

Episode 6

Today, I talk to Kelli Freese of Essentially Kelli. Kelli is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and French and British Aromatherapy student. She helps women with Thyroid Imbalance understand what is going on with their body and helps them ease back into balance without getting overwhelmed or feeling out of control. Many of her clients have called her, The Hormone Whisperer, and she strives to live up to that title so that she can have it engraved on a plaque one day. She resides in Austin, TX with her incredibly supportive husband, five active kids, fluffy Golden Retriever, and very quiet Russian Tortoise.

Kelli is also, really fun and smart. Some highlights from her interview include:

  • Being all things to everyone
  • The power of stopping
  • The importance of reading
  • Setting up what you need at home in order to ripple out into all aspects of your life
  • Being open with the messiness of your life

And there is so much more including my favorite topic of her fear of being seen as a fraud because she got sick while being a health coach.

She is also running a new group program to help you take charge of your health for good!

  • Daily tweaks that you can implement in your life; including tweaks for exercise, nutrition and mindset that can be used immediately
  • Meal guide ideas
  • An exercise book full of exercises that are doable every day
  • Live videos from Kelli to answer questions and offer support
  • A 30 minute coaching call with Kelli that can be used before or during the 21 day program

Make sure to listen for all the goodies she is offering at a more than reasonable cost. Click this link to sign up for it!

I know you will enjoy Kelli’s Story of the Shift.