Women Are The Journey

Women Are The Journey is a podcast like none other. In the Story of the Shift, women entrepreneurs share the story of their life. They will pull back the curtain on their real life, and their real business life, and allow you to see the vulnerabilities and the successes that happen simultaneously. Whatever success looks like on the outside, this is what it feels like on the inside. There is a coexistence between pain and success and a message of connection that you are not alone on your own journey.

During the Chew On This segments, I will be discussing the masculine structures permeating our lives, our relationships, our businesses and our world. We live our lives surrounded by these masculine patterns and they create a disconnect and dissonance in ourselves that shows up in unexpected ways. I will be sharing my own stories of recognition of those masculine patterns that are sabotaging my life (and maybe yours!), and finding ways to move into a feminine space that offers comfort, contentment and healing.

Join me for stimulating conversation and see what it can do for you on your journey.

Goddesses Inner Circle

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