Chew On What’s in a Name?

Episode 77 Today marks a turning point for me and my business. I have made a life changing decision and you guys are in the front of the line to get to hear it! Congrats! Just kidding. But, you are here for a new start, a new way of being in my business. Tune in … Continue reading Chew On What’s in a Name?

My Turn!

Welcome to a new segment here at Women Are the Journey. My Turn are going to be posted podcasts where I get interviewed! This is my first episode and I was interviewed by Aubry Hoffman on her podcast Queen of Intuition. We have a wonderful conversation about finding flow, new paradigms and creating balance.   … Continue reading My Turn!

Story of the Shift: Jessica Elizabeth Opert

Episode 76 Welcome into the room, certified Love and Relationship Coach; Jessica Elizabeth Opert. Jessica talks about her story, the fact that she was failing at love and how she shifted her life away from failed relationships to the love of her life. She talks about fights and how we need them, being in solidarity … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Jessica Elizabeth Opert

Chew On Chores

Episode 75 Woo hoo! We’re talkin’ chores today boys and girls! There actually is a reason to talk about chores, not just to bitch about ’em. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! To chat it up with me about Business. Goddess Style, give me a call at 714-499-6486 or email … Continue reading Chew On Chores

Story of the Shift: Stasha Washburn

Episode 74 This week’s interview is outstanding! Stasha Washburn is unique in her business and who she is. She is the rebel and is out there making people uncomfortable with her truth telling. You will love her! Stasha Washburn is on a mission to help women learn and embrace the Power in their Periods. It is … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Stasha Washburn

Chew On Rules

Episode 73 I have an aversion to rules. Always did as a kid and more as an adult. I step into a different sphere of rules today though, one’s that might not seem businessy at first. Join me as I talk about hair. My hair. Jewelry. Clothes. You would never know it was business related. … Continue reading Chew On Rules

Story of the Shift: Amanda Dilday

Episode 72 The Witch and The Puritan, if I could have named this episode anything, it would have been that. Amanda Dilday brings you closer to the divine simply by sharing her story. She talks about the dangers of not listening to yourself, being met by the plants and flowing like water, running off the … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Amanda Dilday

Chew On Jeans

Episode 71 In this episode of Chew on This, I talk about jeans. Who would have thought that jeans would have anything to do with business and how you run yours? I do! Join us for discussions about jeans and business retreats in Goddesses Inner Circle. To get yourself into Business. Goddess Style, give me … Continue reading Chew On Jeans

Story of the Shift: Sharon Ramel

Episode 70 Between researching and learning all you need to know, intuition, finding your posse of girls, being heart driven in everything you do; Sharon Ramel brings so much to this week’s Story of the Shift. I have no more to say about her as she can say it all herself! Sharon stand’s here with you … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Sharon Ramel

Chew On Struggle

Episode 69 I love finding new ways that the feminine tries to communicate with us. It is funny how it just continues to show up for me. Struggling is such a problem for so many of us. To keep trudging along a road that is not meant to be traversed, to continue down the rapids … Continue reading Chew On Struggle

Story of the Shift: Elizabeth Heck

Episode 68 In today’s Story of the Shift, I am fortunate to have someone I am learning from right now. I have been on an herb journey lately and Elizabeth is my teacher! She has powerful stories and equally powerful tips and thoughts on business. In a nutshell, she was great! Elizabeth Heck is an … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Elizabeth Heck

Story of the Shift: Gina Jackson

Episode 67 Welcome into the room Gina Jackson! Had such a good time with a local girl for me. She has a story many of us can relate to, divorce. And a bad one at that. What happens afterwards is the juice though, you all know that. Gina talks about transitioning and wishing she had … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Gina Jackson

Chew On Balance

Episode 66 I talk a lot about the Feminine. I love it and it is my purpose and my passion and my drive. I realized I have neglected to address how to live in a balance with your masculine and your feminine. I have addressed it a bit in this episode of Chew On This. … Continue reading Chew On Balance

Story of the Shift: Tania Elfersy

Episode 65 Tania is my new bff. We speak each other’s language. Her tools, her story, her wisdom; is just what us peri/menopausal women need. Tania talks about how our bodies are NOT broken mechanisms but are perfectly working instruments who are simply looking to communicate with us. The wisdom is already in you and … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Tania Elfersy

Chew On Dad

Episode 64 Couple weeks ago, I had an emergency happen with my dad. It was a week long adventure that I got to experience. I did a bit of unpacking on everything I got to experience as well as the way I viewed it all during and afterward. I hope you will join me as … Continue reading Chew On Dad

Story of the Shift: Helena Summer

Episode 63 Delicious. Yep, that is Helena Summer. She lives up to all of that word and more. Not only does she embody her love and relationship coaching, she is generous with her story. I cannot tell you how I enjoyed spending my time with her! She was…delicious. There are so many gems I could … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Helena Summer

Chew On Flow

Episode 62 Welcome into episode 62 and discussions of flow. Water flows but how does that relate to our real world life? How can we flow like water? I answer those questions in today’s Chew On This. Let me know if this is a help to you in your life. Join us in Goddesses Inner … Continue reading Chew On Flow

Story of the Shift: Lyn Smith

Episode 61 The flat-lining of your relationship. Lyn has quite a lot to say about it and I think you will really feel what she is talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Her mission is one of my favorites and her desire to help women, and men, in their core relationships is beautiful. … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lyn Smith

Chew On Boxes

Episode 60 It is time to talk about being stuck in those boxes we are in and how to get out of them. Not much more to say except better listen! Join us in Goddesses Inner Circle for some behind the scenes, discussion of podcast, diving deeper into what is talked about, polls, discussion of … Continue reading Chew On Boxes

Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young

Episode 59 Welcome to another Story of the Shift. This week I am happy to bring you Lisa Robbin Young. She has so much energy and love of life that she will bring you up no matter where you are in your day. Her story is brilliant and open with self-awareness and a desire for … Continue reading Story of the Shift: Lisa Robbin Young